The Heritage Subdivision in Mandaue Cebu

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The Heritage is built on what was formerly Hacienda Mandaue, which was owned by the ancestors of the family behind Maria Luisa Properties. Thus, The Heritage is fittingly named as it is a place deeply rooted in family history. In The Heritage, Maria Luisa Properties has come home and we invite you to do the same. We give you the gift of both the past and the future. Let us welcome you as you bring the richness of your own family history and allow it to take root here.

From Cebu’s premier pioneering developer comes an exclusive, new subdivision that blends the old and the new, paying homage to its history while enhancing it with the latest innovations in design. Modern-day amenities such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, basketball court, and fishing pond complement the richness of the land, adding prestige to the development, and ultimately, making it an ideal place to build your home.


Phase 1
Lot Area: 393 sqm
Price: Php 7,270,097.00

Lot Area: 350 sqm
Price: Php 6,475,946.00

Lot Area: 486 sqm
Price: Php11,879,745.20

Lot Area: 416 sqm
Price: Php 10,170,456.20

Lot Area: 343 sqm
Price: Php 8,387,878.10

Lot Area: 378 sqm
Price: Php 8,466,893.60

Lot Area: 416 sqm
Price: Php 10,170,456.20


Lot Area: 264 sqm
Price: Php 6,567,108.20

Lot Area: 330 sqm
Price: Php  6,106,586.00

Lot Area: 301 sqm
Price: Php 5,571,023.00

Lot Area: 290 sqm
Price: Php 5,367,866.00

Lot Area: 295 sqm
Price: Php 5,460,251.00

Lot Area: 292 sqm
Price: Php 5,404,820.00

Lot Area: 306 sqm
Price: Php 5,663,408.00

Lot Area: 316 sqm
Price: Php 5,848,088.00

Lot Area: 305 sqm
Price: Php 5,644,931.00

Lot Area: 407 sqm
Price: Php 9,533,023.40

Lot Area: 406 sqm
Price: Php 9,509,640.20

Lot Area: 403 sqm
Price: Php 9,439,505.60

Lot Area: 428 sqm
Price: Php 10,463,462.60

Lot Area: 429 sqm
Price: Php 10,267,758.05

Lot Area: 401 sqm
Price: Php 9,598,457.45

Lot Area: 400 sqm
Price: Php 9,574,466.00

Lot Area: 407 sqm
Price: Php 9,741,896.15

Lot Area: 393 sqm
Price: Php 9,407,140.85

Lot Area: 391 sqm
Price: Php 7,233,143.00

Lot Area: 421 sqm
Price: Php 7,787,183.00

Lot Area: 394 sqm
Price: Php 7,288,574.00


  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Children Playground
  • Guard House
  • 3 Sewer Treatment Facilities
  • Drainage System
    Road 7 to 8 inches thick




Reservation Fee: Php 30,000.00

Option 1:    5% discount for spot cash payment

Option 2: Discounted full down payment if paid within 30 days from reservation

  • 30% down payment with 2% discount
  • 40% down payment with 3% discount
  • 50% down payment with 4% discount

Option 3: 30% Downpayment payable in 18 to 24 months & 70% thru Bank Financing or PAG-IBIG

Option 4: In-House Financing 


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